Decentrazlized UniSwap Market Making Token

Provide liquidity for CTx, CT, and RBX tokens on UniSwap to earn your very own CTx tokens!

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*2x reward are starting in: 2 days 3 hours 0 minute 57 seconds

Tokens in CONNECTx ecosystem

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CTx TokenTimeLock (🔒900M CTx)


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Contract address



CONNECTx (CTx) is a UniSwap market-making token made to reward liquidity providers in CONNECTx ecosystem.

ICO - There was no ICO/Presale for the CTx. Initial liquidity on UniSwap was supplied by the devs.

Governance - Any CTx holder will get voting power starting from February 20, 2021.

How does CTx mining works?

Liquidity mining, is a way to reward LPs on UniSwap. It works with users called liquidity providers that add funds to liquidity pools.

It means, getting rewards for locking up LPs tokens and getting rewards in return.

What is a liquidity pool? It’s basically a smart contract that contains funds. In return for providing liquidity to the pool, LPs get a reward.

Pick an asset that's available
in CONNECTx ecosystem.

CONNECTx (CTx) reference👇
Ethescan UniSwap Info Trade CTx on UNI

Buy the token, and add liquidity.

Note that you will need to add both ETH and the token equally.
Trade CTx on UNI

Once liquidity supplied, use the app to deposit the LP tokens to CTx Rewards smart contract.

You will see the rewards coming in real-time from the dashboard.

CONNECTx Metrics

Max/Locked supply:

1,000,000,000/900M CTx

UNI V2 Liquidity:

0.0000 ETH

Yield Farming

Market Cap(USD):


Staking Rewards:


Circ. Supply: 0.0000 CTx (0.0000%)